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Bike Helmets

The choice of wearing a bicycle helmet can mean the difference between life and death. Customers call giving thanks and appreciation for still being alive explaining accidents that would've ended in death without wearing a helmet. From young children to adults, protecting your noggin should be a priority! At PT Helmets we firmly believe we are helping save lives as this has been proven time and again. Throughout the years bicycle helmets have come a long way in protection since leather straps and EPS foam. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (2006) 

"The average careful bike rider may still crash about every 4,500 miles. Head injuries cause 75% of our 500+ annual bicycle deaths. Medical research shows that bike helmets can prevent 85% of cyclists' head injuries. And helmets may be required by law in your area."

If your helmet does not have a CPSC sticker then don't use it for bike riding. In 1998, the Consumer Product Safety Commission updated the rules and regulations for bicycle helmet standards, including impact resistance. You can read the PDF file here: http://www.bhsi.org/cpscstd.pdf - courtesy Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute. You can also visit the official federal agency website www.cpsc.gov

Pro-tec introduces.......SXP!
Surface activated eXpanded Polypropylene, a patented, multi-impact helmet technology that is ideal for the aggressive riding style of action sports athletes. When conventional helmets take a hard hit, the foam liner compresses and stays compressed, losing most of its impact absorbing properties. Due to the advanced chemical structure and sophisticated processes used to create SXP helmet liners, Pro-tec pushes beyond the norm by offering multiple impact protection that far exceeds the competition.

So what’s the secret? MEMORY!

Rebound Properties
Because SXP has built in rebound control, once the helmet liner has been compressed, SXP memory kicks in and the liner rebounds to its original shape, maintaining its impact absorbing qualities.

was developed by the same group of scientists who, through advances in moldable foam, made automotive steel bumpers obsolete in the ’80s. Exclusively licensed by Pro-tec, SXP technology uses a patented Surface Activation Process to create a pure form of Polypropylene that is at least 20% stronger than other Polypropylene foams. With SXP, Pro-tec is able to offer consumers unprecedented multiple impact protection in a lightweight helmet.
Pro-tec SXP helmets are the only lightweight, multiple impact helmets to be CPSC approved and deliver the style and fit the market demands. - courtesy Vans Inc.

Enjoy your sport and protect your head!


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